Side Courses

As graduate students, we are not unfamiliar with the daunting transition from course work to research. In the process, it is likely that we will need to patch holes in our education. More precisely, we encounter topics that are mainstream mathematics all too familiar to the seasoned researcher, but have somehow eluded our learning. These might have been left out of the core algebra, analysis and topology sequences, or maybe were mentioned briefly therein without detail. At times we are expected to absorb this material in a timely manner for research purposes, or sometimes these subjects fall under the category of "nice to know". In any case, this sub-sequence of talks is intended for such topics. The list below provides examples of possible talks and the GSO organizers cordially invite all graduate students to volunteer to give such a talk. Also, students should feel free to suggest topics that they deem as pertinent.


If you would like to suggest a topic for a side course, please email any of the GSO organizers.

  Combinatorial Proof of Brouwer's fix point Theorem      
  Tensor / wedge products      
  Stone-Czech compactification of \N      
  Cayley Graphs      
  Dynamical Systems      
  Calabi-Yau manifolds      
  Prove that Flux can fly      
  Division Algebra      
  Freudenthal's magic square      
  Combinatorial Nullstellensatz      
  Dedekind cuts to construct \R      
  Projective Space      
  Spectral Theory      
  Microlocal Analysis      
  Fast Multipole Methods