Spring 2016, Thursdays, Blocker 506A, 4:00-4:50 PM

Date: April 7

"  Irrational Toric Varieties "
  Ata Pir  


As Fulton declared [1],“toric varieties have provided a remarkably fertile testing ground for general theorie”. Toric varieties are well understood and they can be approached in a combinatorial way, making it possible to compute examples of abstract concepts. Complex toric varieties provide a deep connection with integer polytopes given by applying tools from algebraic geometry to the complex toric variety X_P associated to an integer polytope P, see [2, Chapter 2]. Our main goal is to relax the condition that the polytope has integer vertices and then extend known connections between integer polytopes and toric varieties.
[1] W. Fulton, Introduction to Toric Varieties, Princeton University Press, 1993.
[2] D. A. Cox, J. B. Little, H. Schenck, Toric Varieties, American Mathematical Soc., 2011.