Spring 2014, Thursdays, Blocker 113, 4:00-4:50 PM

Date: February 13

"  Mini-Talks "
* Prof. Eric Rowell

* Prof. Prabir Daripa


E. Rowell: "Motion Groups in Topological Materials"

: I will discuss the role of representations of the braid group and its generalizations in describing the motion of pointlike and looplike particles in topological materials.

P. Daripa :

: Fluid dynamics has been, continues to be and will remain to be a rich source of research topics for various branches of mathematics, physics and engineering. This is not so surprising considering the fact that some fluids are essential for the existence of life itself. Some such research topics in mathematics arise from modeling efforts of various fluid flow phenomena using partial differential equations. Many numerical and theoretical problems in the context of such applied PDEs are of intrinsic interest aside from having industrial relevance at times. In this talk, I will discuss one or two problems in this area.