Spring 2013, Thursdays, Milner 216, 4:00-4:50 PM

Date: March 21

"  Multiscale $(L_2,BV)$ Decompositions and K-functional "
  Xiaohui Wang  


In this talk, the following type Tikhonov regularization problem will be systematically studied:


We shall characterize the minimizing pair $(u_t,v_t)$ and give an expression of the corresponding K-functional. After that, the following multiscale decomposition scheme will be discussed:

\[u_{k+1}:=\argmin_{u\in BV(\Omega)\cap L_2(\Omega)}~\{\frac{1}{2}\|f-u\|^2_{L_2}+t_{k}|u-u_k|_{BV}\},\]

where $u_0=0$ and $t_0>t_1>...>t_k>0$.

This method was introduced by Eitan Tadmor et al. and we shall give an improved $L_2$ convergence result.