Spring 2010, Thursdays, Milner 216, 4:00-4:50 PM

Date: February 25

"  Mini-Talk "
* Prof. Jay Walton

* Prof. Jean-Luc Guermond


J. Walton: "Mathematical Problems Arising in the Modeling of Cardovascular Disease"

: Cardiovascular disease is the principle cause of death in much of the world. Mathematical models offer the potential for deepening our understanding of the disease initiation, progression and management, but realistic models are highly complex and present many challenges in the analysis, numerical analysis and computational simulation of systems of nonlinear partial differential equations. This talk will provide a brief introduction to the scientific issues and mathematical problems arising from them.

J.-L. Guermond: "Nonlinear approximation methods for PDEs."

: I'll presents some recently developed nonlinear techniques for approximating hyperbolic PDEs.