Spring 2009, Thursdays, Milner 216, 4:00-4:50 PM

Date: April 15

"  Some personal case studies of the interplay between Mathematics and Fluid Mechanics "
  Prof. Prabir Daripa  


Fluid Mechanics is a classical branch of mathematical physics and provides a wide variety of interesting and often useful problems of varying complexity and difficulty that engage intelligent minds from almost all disciplines. Moreover, problems come in so many varieties in terms of breadth, depth, complexity and expertise needed to solve these problems that almost everyone interested will find something worth doing in it. Solving some of these problems requires not only combining a wide range of mathematical and computational tools but also developing necessary mathematical and computational tools which at times could herald a new branch of mathematics and computational science. In this sense, there is often a significant interplay between mathematics and fluid mechanics. Within this broad theme, the speaker will showcase some of his research interests by discussing broad outlines of two or three problems after a brief introduction of the main topic addressed in the title. We will discuss stability problems associated with moving boundaries as well as inverse problem driven fast algorithms for Beltrami equation and other classes of PDEs.