Spring 2009, Thursdays, Milner 216, 4:00-4:50 PM

Date: January 29

"  An Investigation of Sampling for Band-limited Functions with Unequally Spaced Data Sites "
  Aaron Bailey  


Bandlimited (or Paley-Wiener) functions are natural objects for mathematical study, and have widespread applications in both science and engineering. A bandlimited function is an $L_2$ function (or signal) for which the Fourier transform is compactly supported. Intuitively, the frequency range of the function is bounded. Reconstruction of a bandlimited function from sampled data is natural and important from an applied point of view and is interesting from a pure perspective as well. In this talk I will survey the basics of bandlimited functions, and discuss certain techniques of signal recovery from non equally spaced data sites, and stability of such techniques regarding error in the measured data.