Spring, Thursdays, Blocker 506A, 4:00-4:50 PM

Date: April 13

"  The Mathematics of Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery "
  Sourav Dutta  


Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is the study of the simultaneous flow of immiscible fluids through porous media and its success depends on a comprehensive understanding of the various physical, chemical and geological aspects governing the process. The displacement processes involved here are highly unstable and are described by a highly nonlinear, coupled system of equations. In this seminar, we will begin with an overview of the various challenges faced during the modeling and numerical computation of such processes. Then we will move on to discuss a particularly effective method of EOR called Surfactant-Polymer (SP) flooding which involves the injection of a polymer and surfactant laden aqueous phase in oil reservoirs. A mathematical model for SP flooding using a new global pressure formulation will be introduced and an efficient hybrid numerical method to solve the system of equations will be presented. Theoretical convergence properties and both quantitative and qualitative numerical validations will be presented. We will conclude with a discussion of the effect of various chemical components and of the heterogeneity of the domain properties on the formation of finger patterns and other complex flow characteristics. This is joint work with Dr.~Prabir Daripa.