Fall 2009, Thursdays, Milner 216, 4:00-4:50 PM

Date: October 8

"  Mini-Talk "

* Prof. Michael Anshelevich

* Prof. Prabir Daripa


M. Anshelevich: "Free Brownian motion"

: I will explain how the same object (the one in the title) appears in numerous seemingly unrelated areas: Combinatorics, Operator Theory, Probability Theory, Free Probability, Group Theory, ...

P. Daripa: "Some topics in computational and applied mathematics"

: In this 20 minutes mini talk, I will describe very briefly on the black board only some application driven problems of my current interest.
The research on these topics in general allows one to gain knowledge in various aspects of PDEs, Fluid Mechanics and Scientific Computing. This general short talk for my purpose will be really ideal for first and second year students and students who will pass qualifiers soon and do not have thesis advisers yet. The subjects can be really discussed in depth one-to-one to those who may have some interests in these and some other topics which I will mention during the talk.